Students from University College London visit the A303 IBA Processing Facility

We were delighted to welcome two students and their professor from University College London to our Fortis A303 IBA Processing Facility a few weeks ago.

Prof Julia Stegemann is a Professor of Enironmental Engineering and her students are working on an MSc topic – Stimulating Reuse of IBA as a Concrete Aggregate and a PhD topic – Metals in aggregates and Concrete.  Tim Wilkins, Senior Hydrogeologist has been in regular contact with Julia and one of her students to provide support with her dissertation.  Tim has provided Fortis material data and processing information to help with her research, meeting with them every other week via Teams to offer guidance and advice.

The A303 IBA Processing Facility was the first IBA facility the students had ever visited and it was a pleasure to welcome them to our facility to support their research. Thank you to Wayne Read, Site Manager for providing an extensive tour.