Berkshire Soil

From our Chilton Recycling Facility, we sell a Screened Soil which is available for delivery or collection by commercial vehicle across Berkshire (Newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford).

Screened Soil
We offer a financially effective 10mm screened soil in Berkshire which has been put through a screening process, removing any stones, weeds and other material that are 10mm or above.

Our screened soil is commonly used in large areas of landscaping, flower beds and rockeries across Berkshire.

Please contact us to request a free screened soil product sample.

Screened Soil Delivery Areas
From our Chilton Recycling Facility, we can deliver soil to any of the following areas:

Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford

To arrange delivery, please call our sales team on 023 8027 3750.